Free SEO Tools I Use That You Might Like

I couldn’t live off the net without these great tools and I hope some of you find this list useful.

(Page updated 3 January 2017 – Added




Google drive (Docs, spreadsheets, draw etc…)

Google Webmaster Guidelines:

Google SEO Starter Guide:

Check to see if your site is mobile friendly to Google:

Website speed checks: Google Pagespeed Insights and Pingdom


List of SEO Tools


Browser: Chrome Torch (reverse image search is awesome)


Backlink Checkers (free):


Backlink Watch

Monitor Backlinks


Plugins for Torch & Chrome:


SEO Site Tools:

Fireshot (screenshots):

Open Multiple URLs:

Check my links (check broken links – set option from Heat to Get):




W3techs website technology:



SEO Magic Toolbox


Keyword Tool – Keyword research made easy.

Website Crawler & Sitemap Generator: BeamUsUp – Free uncapped website crawler and sitemap generator. URLs, images, status codes, titles, descriptions, keywords, lengths, etc… Amazing and free.  All operating systems.

How to perform the world’s greatest SEO audit from SEO Moz:


Productivity Tools



Refiddle regex query builder:

X Mouse Manager – Reconfigure any mouse click or set advanced mouse commands.

Share X(screenshots – windows – desktop):

Image Resizer – Automatically resize images in a folder in Windows 7 and 10:


Non SEO Tools (For general digital marketing):


Make your photos prettier 🙂 free

Share your screen with prospects free

Full photo editor chrome plugin Pixlr (also available as a Google app like gmail, drive, calendar etc…)

Amazing 300+ resources for Starups, designers, and digital nomads! Can’t miss it:

Excellent content marketing guide:

Choose website colours:

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    Thanks for providing very good SEO collection for knowledge and in implementation. Some of the tool i am already using few years back but i excited to work in new tool which you have given through this blog. Let see what experience i will get.


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