Ranking Signals To Worry About

In a recent video Matt Cutts outlines which ranking factor SEOs worry about which they shouldn’t as well as which factors SEOs should pay closer attention to.

To most of you none of this is life changing information, however I believe Matt really mentions the basics here which, if you’re short on time, is where you should be focusing your efforts.

You can watch the video for yourself below or you can read my takeaways from this.


What ranking signals do SEOs worry about which isn´t useful?

Answer: Keyword density


What ranking signals should SEOs be focusing on?

  • Make a compelling website people will link to and remember (yeah we´ve heard this before)
  • Make sure the content is crawlable (no brainer)
  • Good URL architecture (oooh… my thoughts on this below)
  • Make sure the site “can be reached by just clicking on links”
  • Have good titles
  • Make sure to use keywords people will use to search on the site
Regarding having good URL structure… I have been obsessed with SEO friendly canonical URLs for a long time and often it can be the hardest thing for developers to get right. I´m fairly certain Google uses URL structure in many ways and having SEO unfriendly URLs is something that can definitely put you behind your competitors.