Google result for “english person” returns the c-word

Updated June 17th – Read the update and explanation as to why it was not a Google bomb.

It seems like the Google Search algorithm either has a sense of humour or doesn’t think highly of “english people”…

Search for “english person” (without the quotes) on or and you’ll get the Wikipedia definition of the C-WORD.

At first I thought this might have been an intentional Google bomb but I checked the backlinks for the wikipedia page and didn’t find any intentional links with the anchor text “english person”. I did find several links with celebrity names with that anchor text (probably why the Google algo believes the word “person” is relevant).


In the results you can also see several posts ( and from December 2011 where they posted about this and the post title contains the words define, english person and the C-WORD or similar. These could well be causing the relevance for the wikipedia page to rank first.


Screenshots below (aol is used to return un-personalised Google results)


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