Portfolio of Services

Over 10 years of SEO experience I have worked on the following websites:

Madaboutfurniture.com – Provided SEO consulting for website redesign and search engine marketing consulting

Enstilo.es – Personal clothing blog in Spanish. Creation of site and search engine marketing

Staysure.co.uk – Provided SEO manager services during 5 years at this company

Jobmanji.co.uk – Provided online marketing consulting services.

Roomyeti.com – Provided SEO consulting services and contributed to design concepts

Itemshark.com – Website SEM teachnical team lead


If you would like to get in touch regarding any services you may require for marketing your website please contact me via the social media options available both on the right hand side and the footer of this blog. I provide only white hat best practice SEO services.


If you’re looking for bespoke web development services in Spain visit techgenie.es they provide affordable and high quality custom  development services.


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