Why Print Media Should Not Use URL Shorteners

I hate URL shorteners. Simple. It´s an easy way to track links but at the end of the day they are dangerous things. You never really know where they are going to take you until you´ve clicked on the link – perhaps people like them so much because of the rush you get by clicking on something unknown… Don´t get me wrong I do understand their use (tracking and shortening) but I still hate the things. I don´t like not knowing where I´m going to Read More +

Are All Paid Links Against Google´s Guidelines?

Recently Google has escalated it´s fight against paid links that pass PageRank. The New York Times released an article snitching on JCPenny´s link purchasing activities which appeared spammy when checked with open site explorer. Overstock.com has suffered a similar fate. Even more recently Google warned Forbes.com that they were selling links. At least Google had the courtesy of sending Forbes a warning email.  I wonder if a small business or individual would get the same priviledge… As the debate continues as to what constitutes a Read More +

Content – Ranking Factor #2 – Beginners SEO Guide

Content is the second most important ranking factor and one of the three critical factors without which your pages will not rank. What is content? Content is simply the text, images, videos, and other elements on the page. On this page content could be the text you´re reading. You´ll often hear the saying “content is king” in the world of SEO. A lot of people believe that good content is all you need. In truth there are three critical ranking factors of which content is Read More +

Page Title – Ranking Factor #1 – Beginners SEO Guide

Why should I read your information on Page Title? Google´s SEO guide might be a bit confusing for beginners. It also does not tell you what is of vital importance and what you can do without when you are getting started. The page title is one of three things that is required for a webpage to do well in the search engines. Keep in mind Google uses over 200 factors to determine the order in which pages show up in the results and I´m putting Read More +

Will Quora Be A Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn Killer?

Let me start off by saying no. Quora will not kill any of the aforementioned behemoths. However, it is going to be a top social media site that everyone will know. Why am I so sure? It´s simple – because Quora is extremely useful. If Facebook is useful for keeping track of your friends, Youtube for finding videos, Twitter for keeping people updated and LinkedIn for business relationships, Quora gets your questions answered (and most of the time by real experts). Quora isn´t new even Read More +