How Google Treats Directory Paid Links

The subject of paid links is taboo in SEO. Speakers at seminars whisper when they talk about the subject at conferences and even then they usually disclose they are against buying links lest Google´s wrath fall upon them.

However, paid links, either directly or indirectly, are a major part of the cyber economy without which the economic recession would probably be even worse. How many work at home mom bloggers can feed their kids thanks to paid online advertising?

Paid links work. That´s why companies are willing to pay for them. In most cases the links are relevant and useful to users. I would rather see a relevant text link on a page than have one of those giant poker or car ad pop-ups invade my screen and I´m sure you would agree.

So why are paid directory links ok and paid homepage links not? Well they probably are both held under the same criteria according the new video by Matt Cutts.

If you´re selling links make sure you hold your advertisers to the highest standards possible. If it looks spammy, don´t put the link up, if the link doesn´t help your site´s visitors don´t put the link up, if you don´t vouch for the advertiser don´t put the link up!

Are paid directory links considered paid links?

6 thoughts on “How Google Treats Directory Paid Links

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  • jide

    are we saying Google will not penalize paid links…….so far they dont look spammy?
    i need to understand this thing properly

    • Marcos Post author

      Hi Jide,

      Google do penalise paid links but something like charging for a submission to a directory which is editorially reviewed isn´t really considered a direct paid link. Even clean affiliates links are considered ok (for now).

  • jhendor

    what i see a directory that has both paid and free features and i submit to it, is it also considered as paid link

  • Marcos Post author

    No, if there is editorial discretion involved in the paid submission it won´t be considered a paid link. Kind of grey area stuff but you´re safe for now.

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