Remove Referral Spam From Analytics The Easy Way

Are you seeing referrals from the following sites in Google analytics?


Among others? If you have been using analytics filters to exclude each refferal the easier way is to only include the host from your domain as follows:



There are two possible routes you can take, both of which are better than individually excluding each pesky spammy referrer.


Method 1 – Referral Spam Inclusion Option


Include your domain -> Filter -> Include -> Custom -> Hostname -> Filter Pattern:


Unfortunately this method will not block all types of referral spam so you will still have to use other filters to exclude some referrers from to time. It may also block certain types of referrals that may be legitimate but these should be rare so should not affect your top level reporting.


Method 2 – Referral Spam Exclusion Option

You can choose to simply exclude each spammy hostname instead. This is similar to the filter for each domain but should cover a lot of them. For example, many spammy referrers cannot show a hostname so it appears as (not set) which is an easy win to filter out.