What is the best phone for SEO?

Ever wanted to be able to check your analytics or maybe even some backlinks with your mobile phone? Do you find the Google Analytics app too limited and miss the full functionality? It is now possible to use the desktop version of Google Analytics on some moile devices.

Until now, when trying to do certain actions in Google Analytics they would not work on the phone, such as selecting the date range. The Flash player on Opera Mini and Dolphin Browser HD just could not handle it. All that has changed however with Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), the 4.0 version of Android and the release by Google of Chrome Beta for Android.

The below screenshots are from my Samsung Galaxy S2 running Android 4.0.3 and using Google Chrome Beta as the browser.

Google Analytics in Chrome Beta on Samsung Galaxy S2 running Ice Cream Sandwich

Google Analytics on my Galaxy S2 - Click to enlarge


Screenshot with specific dates selected


Google Analytics working perfectly on my mobile phone


As you can see from the above screenshots, the desktop version of Google Analytics can be fully used on a Galaxy S2. I have also owned a Samsung Galaxy Note but this was before ICS and Chrome Beta so I can safely say that if you want desktop-like SEO on you mobile phone the Samsung Galaxy Note is the phone to have. The reason I returned the Note was that it was too big as a phone and I ended up buying a Samsung Galaxy S2 instead. While it´s a more practical phone, the S2 is missing that extra screen real estate that would make doing SEO on a Mobile as good a desktop. Additionally, the S-Pen made clicking and typing a lot easier. I was using Swype keyboard and the S-pen to swype making my tpying almost as fast on mobile as on the desktop.

The Samsung Galaxy Note with Ice Cream Sandwich and Chrome Beta is the best phone for SEO and provides a desktop-like experience.

The Samsung Galaxy S2or any other ICS and Chrome Android phone can  such as the Galaxy Nexus can also provide a complete SEO mobile experience that is virtually the same as using a desktop computer.

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