5 reasons Why I Inbound.org Rocks

Inbound.org is a new site launched by Rand from SEO Moz and Dharmesh from HubSpot. My first impression is that I´m going to be hooked on this site. There´s barely any articles there but the few I´ve clicked through to have been extremely interesting. Within 20 minutes I´ve already read three articles, shared one on Google plus, commented on one and lastly I´ve been encouraged to write this post about the Inbound.org.


There are some things I simply love about this new site and the idea behind it and I hope they don´t change these things in the future.


5 reasons why Inbound.org rocks

  1. Dofollow links! – Yes I said it. Spread the love guys. Tired of nofollow. (This blog will have dofollow comments as soon as I get around to it).
  2. Login via twitter. Great idea – if you don´t have a twitter account you´re not worthy of using Inbound.org.
  3. Upvotes – Petty self explanatory. You like an article you get 1 vote to push it up. No nonsense and easy to upvote articles.
  4. Simplicity – It´s so easy to use it´s beautiful. I registered then uploaded an article in about a minute. No double opt in email confirmations, no captchas, no hassle.
  5. Site Structure. The ability to see members comments and articles posted is great. If you see an inbound post you like you can see what else that user has submitted. Also the categories are a good feature but you should be able to sort by “hot” and “incoming” for specific categories.
Since it´s a new site they are probably working on a few things. Here are a few features I would like to see implemented soon:
  • Category selection. There should be a way to choose a category and then view articles. Currently you have to find the category in the article list and click on it but you might have to scroll for a while to find the one you´re looking for.
  • Sorting within a category as mentioned above. I would like to see the “hot” articles for SEO for example.
  • Search. I would love to be able to search for articles.
Whehter you´re an online marketer or just someone who likes to write a blog for fun you should be checking this site frequently.