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Did Google´s Panda update bite a chunk out of Demandmedia?

When the first Google Panda (Panda 1.0) update hit the web it was clear that its intent was to go after content farms. At the time was showing up for a lot of controversial results. After the first Panda update Demandmedia was quick to publicize that they had not been hit and therefore restating the fact they they were not a content farm. This left many of us wondering how come it was possible that this seemingly “farmy” site had not been hit by Read More +

Are All Paid Links Against Google´s Guidelines?

Recently Google has escalated it´s fight against paid links that pass PageRank. The New York Times released an article snitching on JCPenny´s link purchasing activities which appeared spammy when checked with open site explorer. has suffered a similar fate. Even more recently Google warned that they were selling links. At least Google had the courtesy of sending Forbes a warning email.  I wonder if a small business or individual would get the same priviledge… As the debate continues as to what constitutes a Read More +