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Is it still worthwhile creating a Facebook Page for your Business?

During the past 6 months I have noticed a sharp drop in engagement with Facebook for the business pages I monitor which span a variety of sectors from insurance to employment to travel. This might be because a while back Facebook changed what is shown in users feeds or it might be due to less people using Facebook or a combination of both. I wrote this article because the other day I saw this post about Why Copyblogger is Killing Its Facebook page ( and Read More +

Do Facebook or Twitter Social Signals Affect Rankings?

In Matt Cutts’ latest video he explains that as of January 2014 social signals from Facebook and Twitter are not used by Google to affect organic rankings. The 2013 Moz Ranking Factors study stated that “As in 2011, social signals were some of our highest correlated factors, with Google+ edging out Facebook and Twitter”. However, Matt Cutts states in his recent video that for Facebook and Twitter that is just correlation and that highly engaging content also ranks well because it is good content and Read More +

How to add your author picture to wordpress – the easy way

Adding your image to your author bio in wordpress is incredibly easy. All you have to do is create a Gravatar account and make sure you use the same email address that you used in your author profile. Once you have made the gravatar account and uploaded your image it will automatically appear in your author profile on your blog (can take about 5 minutes). It’s beautifully that simple. 1) Make your author profile in wordpress 2) Make your gravatar account on using the Read More +

7 SEO Myths 2012

Google and other major search engines keep their algorithms a secret to reduce spam and while keeping spam down is a good thing secrecy also means that anyone trying to optimize a website is forced to make educated guesses as to what things actually work to improve rankings and traffic. Thanks to sites like SEOmoz, searchengineland and others there is now a lot of quality information which wasn´t there when I started doing SEO back in 2004. But more information also means there is a Read More +

Will Quora Be A Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn Killer?

Let me start off by saying no. Quora will not kill any of the aforementioned behemoths. However, it is going to be a top social media site that everyone will know. Why am I so sure? It´s simple – because Quora is extremely useful. If Facebook is useful for keeping track of your friends, Youtube for finding videos, Twitter for keeping people updated and LinkedIn for business relationships, Quora gets your questions answered (and most of the time by real experts). Quora isn´t new even Read More +