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Google result for “english person” returns the c-word

Updated June 17th – Read the update and explanation as to why it was not a Google bomb. It seems like the Google Search algorithm either has a sense of humour or doesn’t think highly of “english people”… Search for “english person” (without the quotes) on or and you’ll get the Wikipedia definition of the C-WORD. At first I thought this might have been an intentional Google bomb but I checked the backlinks for the wikipedia page and didn’t find any intentional links Read More +

How does a 303 redirect affect SEO?

While virtually every SEO knows how 301 and 302 redirects affect SERPs the 303 redirect remains fairly unknown because it is rarely used. I came across a website linking to one of my sites with a 303 but I could not find a definitive answer of whether or not this link passed any PageRank. Information online about this was scarce and the only information I found was from people saying that only 301 redirects pass PageRank. When I checked the status code for 303 redirect at Read More +