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Is it still worthwhile creating a Facebook Page for your Business?

During the past 6 months I have noticed a sharp drop in engagement with Facebook for the business pages I monitor which span a variety of sectors from insurance to employment to travel. This might be because a while back Facebook changed what is shown in users feeds or it might be due to less people using Facebook or a combination of both. I wrote this article because the other day I saw this post about Why Copyblogger is Killing Its Facebook page ( and Read More +

Google analytics sessions vs visits and users vs visitors update

The team over at Google analytics on Good Thursday 2014 have decided to significantly change reporting terminology. Unique visitors has been changed to users and visits to sessions. Users (formerly Unique Visitors) Visitors has been renamed to Users to better reflect the fact that someone might first access your website from Google search on their desktop at work then return directly from their mobile phone to continue reading your article.  Essentially the same user but two visits sessions. Sessions (formerly Visits) Visits has been Read More +

Do Facebook or Twitter Social Signals Affect Rankings?

In Matt Cutts’ latest video he explains that as of January 2014 social signals from Facebook and Twitter are not used by Google to affect organic rankings. The 2013 Moz Ranking Factors study stated that “As in 2011, social signals were some of our highest correlated factors, with Google+ edging out Facebook and Twitter”. However, Matt Cutts states in his recent video that for Facebook and Twitter that is just correlation and that highly engaging content also ranks well because it is good content and Read More +

‘English Person’ C-Word was NOT a Google Bomb – Explained

Was the Google result for “english person” a prank or was it simply an error in the Google algorithm? Read on to find out why many, including The Huffington Post, were wrong about this one. This is an update to my original post which can be found here. Google has now manually removed the Wikipedia result. There have been many manipulations of Google  search results by pranksters and of course SEO is at it´s core an intentional manual attempt to make a page rank for Read More +

Google result for “english person” returns the c-word

Updated June 17th – Read the update and explanation as to why it was not a Google bomb. It seems like the Google Search algorithm either has a sense of humour or doesn’t think highly of “english people”… Search for “english person” (without the quotes) on or and you’ll get the Wikipedia definition of the C-WORD. At first I thought this might have been an intentional Google bomb but I checked the backlinks for the wikipedia page and didn’t find any intentional links Read More +

Ranking Signals To Worry About

In a recent video Matt Cutts outlines which ranking factor SEOs worry about which they shouldn’t as well as which factors SEOs should pay closer attention to. To most of you none of this is life changing information, however I believe Matt really mentions the basics here which, if you’re short on time, is where you should be focusing your efforts. You can watch the video for yourself below or you can read my takeaways from this.   What ranking signals do SEOs worry about Read More +

How Google Treats Directory Paid Links

The subject of paid links is taboo in SEO. Speakers at seminars whisper when they talk about the subject at conferences and even then they usually disclose they are against buying links lest Google´s wrath fall upon them. However, paid links, either directly or indirectly, are a major part of the cyber economy without which the economic recession would probably be even worse. How many work at home mom bloggers can feed their kids thanks to paid online advertising? Paid links work. That´s why companies Read More +

5 reasons Why I Rocks is a new site launched by Rand from SEO Moz and Dharmesh from HubSpot. My first impression is that I´m going to be hooked on this site. There´s barely any articles there but the few I´ve clicked through to have been extremely interesting. Within 20 minutes I´ve already read three articles, shared one on Google plus, commented on one and lastly I´ve been encouraged to write this post about the   There are some things I simply love about this new site and the Read More +

Great article on SEO book about Google´s transparency, ethics and double standards

Aaron Wall continues his rampage on Google by releasing an incredible (and incredibly long) post about how Google does not practice what they preach. First on January 2nd he outed Google Chrome´s spammy online marketing campaign after which the Google webspam team took action and applied a penalty to the Chrome page. Now he brings us an insightful post about Google´s lack of transparency and double standards. Google wants online marketers to stay within guidelines they themselves impose while at the same time they do Read More +