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Remove Referral Spam From Analytics The Easy Way

Are you seeing referrals from the following sites in Google analytics? Among others? If you have been using analytics filters to exclude each refferal the easier way is to only include the host from your domain as follows: There are two possible routes you can take, both of which are better than individually excluding each pesky spammy referrer.   Method 1 – Referral Spam Inclusion Option   Include your domain -> Filter -> Include -> Custom -> Hostname -> Filter Read More +

Content Writing SEO Tips That Are Actually Useful

This is one of the most complete posts about content writing for SEO that I have seen. Great work Search Engine Land! The full post can be found here: Highlights include: SEO Strucure of content in the article Stickiness Titles & H1 Content Length Audience   When writing content, my general advice is to make sure you are writing something that is useful to your audience and really go in depth into the topic and provide expert opinion and information.        

Is it still worthwhile creating a Facebook Page for your Business?

During the past 6 months I have noticed a sharp drop in engagement with Facebook for the business pages I monitor which span a variety of sectors from insurance to employment to travel. This might be because a while back Facebook changed what is shown in users feeds or it might be due to less people using Facebook or a combination of both. I wrote this article because the other day I saw this post about Why Copyblogger is Killing Its Facebook page ( and Read More +

Great Landing Page Guide

Moz creates some superb SEO content from time to time and this landing page optimisation guide is just amazing and really addresses a lot of questions about colours and layouts. It’s very long but worth the full read if you’re at all involved with website design like I am. As an SEO I think it’s important to understand how website design can affect usability and rankings. A faster and easier to use website can outrank another website all other things being equal. At least Read More +

How to add your author picture to wordpress – the easy way

Adding your image to your author bio in wordpress is incredibly easy. All you have to do is create a Gravatar account and make sure you use the same email address that you used in your author profile. Once you have made the gravatar account and uploaded your image it will automatically appear in your author profile on your blog (can take about 5 minutes). It’s beautifully that simple. 1) Make your author profile in wordpress 2) Make your gravatar account on using the Read More +

What is the best phone for SEO?

Ever wanted to be able to check your analytics or maybe even some backlinks with your mobile phone? Do you find the Google Analytics app too limited and miss the full functionality? It is now possible to use the desktop version of Google Analytics on some moile devices. Until now, when trying to do certain actions in Google Analytics they would not work on the phone, such as selecting the date range. The Flash player on Opera Mini and Dolphin Browser HD just could not Read More +

5 reasons Why I Rocks is a new site launched by Rand from SEO Moz and Dharmesh from HubSpot. My first impression is that I´m going to be hooked on this site. There´s barely any articles there but the few I´ve clicked through to have been extremely interesting. Within 20 minutes I´ve already read three articles, shared one on Google plus, commented on one and lastly I´ve been encouraged to write this post about the   There are some things I simply love about this new site and the Read More +

Why Print Media Should Not Use URL Shorteners

I hate URL shorteners. Simple. It´s an easy way to track links but at the end of the day they are dangerous things. You never really know where they are going to take you until you´ve clicked on the link – perhaps people like them so much because of the rush you get by clicking on something unknown… Don´t get me wrong I do understand their use (tracking and shortening) but I still hate the things. I don´t like not knowing where I´m going to Read More +