Google Analytics Improves In Page Analytics

Google Analytics Improves In Page Analytics

In page analytics displays a visual representation of where users click on your website. The problem with it – and the reason no one uses it – is that it only shows the percentage of clicks to a given link independent of the position of the link itself. In other words, if you have a header navigation link to your contact page as well as a footer link to the contact page Analytics shows the same click percentage for both.

This new Analytics update changes this allowing you to see the actual click percentage on each link or button on your page. This update is currently rolling out to Google Analytics account and should be available soon.

You can read more about this on Google´s offical Analytics Blog.

How to set up the new In Page Analytics

There will be two new lines of code that will have to be added to the current Google Analytics script. Once added Analytics will automatically detect which specific page element the user has clicked on and will finally be able to display actionable in page analytics click data.