I built this site to help people starting out with SEO and also as a way for me to keep a note of industry topics that are interesting to me.

I’m not afraid to put my reputation on the line and make controversial claims. There is a lot of useless, outdated and confusing information on the internet about SEO. I will only be writing things that I believe to be accurate at the time of writing.

Over 10 years of carrying out SEO have taught me that search engines are constantly fighting spam however they can. The amount of spam produced is far beyond what most SEOs could imagine. However, over the last few years (especially with Google outsourcing so much manual action), normal websites which are not purposely spamming are getting caught up in the crossfire.

To avoid any headaches the only SEO I am interested in is white hat or Google Guideline compliant search engine marketing.

In 2014 the keys to success in Google I believe to be the following:

  • Avoid focusing on keywords of any kind. If you’re using anchor text keywords to link with internally and externally you could be in for heartache. I wouldn’t be surprised if in 2014 or 2015 Google starts penalising websites with keyword rich internal linking
  • Market your website as though search engines do not exist
  • Focus on user experience over search engines
  • Make sure you have products  &  information that people really need

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