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‘English Person’ C-Word was NOT a Google Bomb – Explained

Was the Google result for “english person” a prank or was it simply an error in the Google algorithm? Read on to find out why many, including The Huffington Post, were wrong about this one. This is an update to my original post which can be found here. Google has now manually removed the Wikipedia result. There have been many manipulations of Google  search results by pranksters and of course SEO is at it´s core an intentional manual attempt to make a page rank for Read More +

Google result for “english person” returns the c-word

Updated June 17th – Read the update and explanation as to why it was not a Google bomb. It seems like the Google Search algorithm either has a sense of humour or doesn’t think highly of “english people”… Search for “english person” (without the quotes) on or and you’ll get the Wikipedia definition of the C-WORD. At first I thought this might have been an intentional Google bomb but I checked the backlinks for the wikipedia page and didn’t find any intentional links Read More +