Monthly Archives: October 2011

My article about Panda 2.5 appears in the Google search results 1 minute after publishing!

My article about Panda and eHow correlation appeared 2nd on just 1 minute after I hit “publish”. Had this been a news site or a major blog I would not have been surprised. My surprise comes as this is a blog with very few articles and very little pagerank. Anyone who has been doing SEO for any amount of time would immediately assume it´s Google personalised results which are responsible. So what I did was first to open up a new browser. I was using Read More +

Did Google´s Panda update bite a chunk out of Demandmedia?

When the first Google Panda (Panda 1.0) update hit the web it was clear that its intent was to go after content farms. At the time was showing up for a lot of controversial results. After the first Panda update Demandmedia was quick to publicize that they had not been hit and therefore restating the fact they they were not a content farm. This left many of us wondering how come it was possible that this seemingly “farmy” site had not been hit by Read More +

Bing is using meta keywords tag as spam signal

The meta keywords tag became virtually obsolete some time ago and I have not been using it on my websites for years so I was surprised when I read that Bing has recently admitted that they do look at it as a ranking signal. It turns out bing are checking to see if the meta keywords match the page content. If the keywords tag is stuffed with keyword spam or keywords that are not relevant it flags it as a negative ranking signal. The article Read More +